Cold Feet

I miss my Jack!

He had a wonderful warm heart. Not alone that, he radiated great heat. His whole body was like a mobile heating unit. It is no wonder Elly chose ‘I want to hold your Hand’ by the Beatles to be played and sung at her wedding. It is a picture imprinted in her brain, mammy and daddy holding hands or sitting close together on the couch.

I am the original Ice Maiden old woman. I have the coldest body in Christendom. Elly & George were laughing at me over the weekend when they were up to see me. As I headed off to bed the electric blanket was on, I wore bed-socks and brought a hot water bottle with me. It is still supposed to be summer! A Toyboy would be easier, but alas they all run far too fast for me.


My Fire

In winter I like to light a real fire in my living room. With a real fire I never feel alone and the room is very cosy and toasty warm. Over the years I have used coal, turf, logs from George’s parents and my latest idea is to use the Eco Wood Briquettes.

Last winter I managed to get the Eco Wood Briquettes on a few occasions. They are clean, easy to handle, ignite quickly, burn well and the little residue can be used on the garden. No waste, and my feet thaw out! My problem is to find a regular supply.

Does anyone out there know of a company where I can get them on the island of Ireland? Any companies I have located are on the UK Mainland.


Eco Wood Briquettes


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  1. Grannymar,

    I have used the paper logs,too. We call the brand “Dura Flame” here.I looked up their International sales and you are correct, the closest dealer to you is in the U.K. You can Email them at . Perhaps they have an outlet in Ireland through a large store who stocks them. Pays to ask! But, I have had my fireplace converted to gas and have ceramic logs and embers that you would swear were real.And it is so easy. A turn of the gas jet and you have a lovely fire for as long as you want it. No more going out in the cold and rain to get wood or even to the store to get Dura Flames.

  2. Nancy,

    I have googled and checked out several places before posting. I am hoping that someone out there knows a company nearer home to pick them up.

    Storage of a large order might prove difficult

  3. I haven’t got an open fire so I have to make do with a backyard bonfire (no wait, that brings the firies in and they don’t quite look like they do on the calendars) so I settle for spooning a large labrador! Works like a charm, eco friendly and doesn’t cost as much as briquettes.

  4. Baino I have thought about a dog, but it would have to be a little one. I can’t guarantee a daily walk.

    A real fire brings the room to life and with the Eco Briquettes I could do my bit for global warming.

  5. Grannymar,

    I thought of this earlier but didn’t mention it. The first time I bought a DuraFlame log I killed myself trying to unwrap the paper that was around it before putting it in the fire. My son, Jerry, came in and saw what I was doing and he had a great old laugh at his Mom unwrapping the PAPER before lighting up the log. When he pointed out what I was doing,I had to laugh myself.

  6. Nancy,

    Bord Na Mona do a Firelog here and it is sealed in a wax type paper. The idea is you light the paper and hey presto! I tried them but they do not produce as hot a fire as the Eco briquettes. They also work out more expensive.

  7. Hi Grannymar,

    What about windmills? You can get them installed on your roof. Living where you live you’d have no problem collecting all the local wind (and hot air). These will give you free electricity and you can buy yourself the electric bar heater with the lookalike logs attached.

  8. Hi There, I came accross these Eco friendly in my local Supervalu in Rathfarnham. And they are truly fantastic. I believe they are stocked by Aldi too.On the mention of a dog may i highly recommend a Bichon Frise, they are a small lap dog really affectionate and loyal and they dont shed and are odourless I promise you will not regret getting one .We have one for 4 years a female Charly an absolute dote, boss of the house of course!
    Regards Jan

  9. Thank you and welcome Jan b. I will keep note for when I am next in Dublin.

    A friend has a a Bichon Frise, female called Buttons. From what he says Buttons is the perfect lodger!

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