Blame K8

That K8 must get it from her father!

Here she is trying to get me into trouble again. Today this young lady had nothing better to do than read all her old blog posts. Of course she blamed it on Going Like Sixty who she said has given us the great excuse to repost a dusty blog post. K8 used her very first attempt to lure us into her life and it is as good now as it was when I first read it.

So while I read I remembered an early one of mine. It was also my first attempt to add an image. The image is there but not where I wanted it to be. Elly may never talk to me again for doing this and thank you George for being the only one to leave a comment! But in those days he was trying to get on the right side of me. Do I have a right side?

So if your curiosity is aroused go read My Sleeping Partner.

Now you have work to do here are the rules;

1. Go choose one post which you would like to use as an example of your under-appreciated genius, and link it.

2. Link to the person who last suggested the ‘best shot’ idea.

3. Suggest the idea to others, then make sure you read, and comment on their regurgitated posts.


6 thoughts on “Blame K8

  1. Baino I don’t consider myself a writer. But this way I have fun with the mad Crowd

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