The Question is…

Over the past few weeks I have suffered from Blogger’s Block. I hope that it is not terminal. Sitting down to my computer each day the words fail me. I can think of nothing to write or talk about.

Not wanting to disappoint the 1.5 dedicated followers who visit my blog each day I have come up with an idea.

Once a week I will ask you a question and hopefully you will be moved to answer it.

So to start the ball rolling today’s question is:

What is your favourite photograph and why?

I am no photographer or expert on the subject. For me a photo is special if it captures the feeling and mood of the moment. This one never fails to bring a smile to my eyes. Thanks Elly!

Miss Giggles

9 thoughts on “The Question is…

  1. So hard to pick a favourite, we have an entire corkboard wall with hundreds of pics. At a push, one of my two kids with their arms around each other, taken to put onto last year’s Mother’s Day Card . . .and one of my dawggy . . . she looks like she’s laughing.

  2. Yes. I have hundreds of photos, and I’d hate to lose any of them. I think my favourite is one of Puppychild [of course] that I took last year. She has this lovely serious far-away look, and I managed to get it in this one

  3. Yay, it works today 🙂

    Here it is… this is one of my favourite photographs ever.
    It’s called ‘Punch-line’.

  4. It it so hard to choose a favourite photo! I think one of mine would be the one of my father and our old dog Dusty that I have beside me here in my computer room. Unfortunately I don’t have a scan. It was taken in 1996 about a year before he died.

  5. An old photo I’m trying to get a copy of. It’s a picture of my grandfather… as a baby sitting on his grandmothers knee. The photo survived at least one flooding at the back of a wardrobe over the century (the photo is at least that old now).

    There are a couple of family photos from back then that are doing the rounds in the family at the moment.

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