The Way To Learn (Podcast)

How do you spell Constantinople?


4 thoughts on “The Way To Learn (Podcast)

  1. Grannymar,

    Now you’ve got it. Thanks for telling such an interesting tale of your childhood.

    We used to sing a song called ” Istanbul was Constantinople”
    and the best thing was we didn’t have to spell it, just sing it. And Mississippi ,too!. We had a jumping rope chant that spelled out M I S S I S S I P P I and you won the game if you lasted on the rope through the entire spelling.

    Seems things weren’t too different in our childhood games even though they were played thousands of miles apart.

  2. Ah Halcyon daze. I remember being allowed to play unsupervised and escaping to nearby air raid shelters, long abandoned after the war and riding my yellow and blue trike with a huge dog lumbering beside me, climbing telegraph poles and getting creosote on my party dress and yes, sharing hot chips with Irish labourers who were building new houses in our street, they wore blue singlets and handkerchiefs tied in knots at each corner to shade them from the sun, I wouldn’t have been older than 7. And they say youth is wasted on the young pfffft 🙂

  3. Pleased to bring memories from childhood Nancy & Baino

    Conor, I hope the joins are fading. I’m putting the kettle on now…

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