I’m Emigrating..

While reading Baino’s Banter today I smiled at all the items in her treasure trove. For years I collected small items that reminded me of people rather than places. I would never be considered a ‘Hoarder’. In fact Jack told me that my mother warned him before he married me ‘Not to stand in the one place for too long or I might throw him out!’

I returned from a Wedding in Cape Cod a few years ago on a cold November day. When I unlocked the front door I was met by a stream of paperwork, clothing and belongings stretching right through the house. The back door (Aluminium Double glazed) was lying open and the frame was damaged and hacked to bits. It was not something that could have been done quietly or with speed.

The thieves were selective and took only items that were of value including jewellery, several pieces that were antique, and for me priceless & non replaceable. They all had a story attached to them and brought loved ones close to me when I touched or wore them. I have not replaced them and decided that the jewellery I was wearing would be my signature tune from that day on. After all we can only wear one item at a time. Why leave things around for someone else to steal.

It took a couple of months to sort things out with the insurance company, but much longer to get over the fact that someone had been through my clothes and personal items. I still have to stop myself walking from room to room when I come into the house on a dark winter’s day.

My enforced holiday in hospital recently has made me reflect and think about my life. I have decided to yet again sort out my belongings and clear out anything that is not needed. The loft area was done years ago and is now only custodian to the Christmas tree and decorations. There might be one box of ‘Elly’s early life’. One school book from each year and several projects she worked on, a school crest etc.

So what is this about emigrating? Let me explain. Some years ago a friend called while I was doing a big clear out. “What are you up to” she asked. I told her I was immigrating to Australia and therefore clearing out all the things I no longer needed. She almost believed me. Since then when I need to do a clear out, I tell myself that I am on the move.

So now Elly is married and beginning a new stage in her life. It is only right and normal that she should be allowed to do so. As I have said so often, I gave her life and not a life sentence, therefore I move back a few steps from her and allow her to get on with marking out her new role. My life is also beginning a new phase, with the realisation that once again I stand alone. There will be many new challenges ahead for me and I look forward to discovering what they are.

Meanwhile would anyone like this tuning fork…

3 thoughts on “I’m Emigrating..

  1. So is there going to be a big e-bay blow out of GrannyMar related items? Goodness knows what Grandad might buy.Well, maybe not goodness.

  2. I empathise with the de-clutter. I have an annual clean out and anything of value goes into the red suitcase, the rest to St Vincent de Paul or gets left for the bi-annual council pickup. Although as fast as I get rid of one piece of rubbish, another arrives. DrummerBoy has a penchant for street signs and other people’s throw outs the little thief and Clearbear’s most recent acquisition is an ugly wooden African man holding a CD rack. I sometimes wonder why I bother!

  3. @Will I leave the e-bay lark to Elly. I am inclined to give my stuff to the local Charity shops if useful, otherwise it goes to the dump.@Baino I remember those days, Elly was a hoarder. She even kept bus tickets!

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