Would You Like a Bite?

Every morning I start my day with a small bowl of Muesli. I have suffered all my life from a ‘Dairy’ intolerance so I pour my orange juice over the cereal. On the side I have a dish with 3 apricots, 5 dates and 2 figs. This means that I have four full portions of fruit before I leave the breakfast table. At elevenses time I am usually to be found doing chores, so for my break I have something easy, quick and simple. Fast food comes into its own here.

A Banana!

I remember learning at school that bananas were the second most perfect food, milk being the first.

It is a very long time since I was at school, and the milk in those days was not attacked by all the modern additives, chemicals, procedures etc. In fact I remember from my holidays in Sligo the milk-man coming every evening straight from the dairy with the milk in large cans still warm. If I think about it for a few minutes I can actually smell it! For those who can tolerate it, I wonder how healthy milk is nowadays.

Now back to my fast food:

Bananas are available in every Supermarket or fruit and vegetable shop. All you have to do is peel and eat. The skin can be returned to the earth via the compost bin and not clutter up the landfill sites, so there is no waste. We can also do so many other things with Bananas like adding them to Smoothies, make bread, Banoffee Pie and Knickerbocker Glories to name but a few.

This morning I heard something to really make me sit up and think! A lady from Zimbabwe was interviewed on the radio. She was talking of how difficult things are there at the moment.

One Banana today costs four times the price she paid for her four bed-roomed house seven years ago.

I really savoured every bite of my elevenses this morning.

4 thoughts on “Would You Like a Bite?

  1. My Dad was a child in Manchester during the war and when we were young we became used to hearing him say “I didn’t have a banana for six years”. It was too too tempting so whenever we travelled on holidays up the nort Eastern Coast of Australa, we’d bring back a full hand of bananas to stop him whingeing. He made up for the six year lag!

  2. And if you peal and eat fast enough, you don’t have to pay at the checkout.

  3. There was an article I was reading recently in one of the English daily papers recently where the article was discussing the fact that Tesco (in the U.K.) have no less that 38 brands and varities of Milk!Whatever happened to just milk milk!?

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