I won’t be popular for this

Yes I am an old biddy; very few out there would disagree.

Although I am now officially a pensioner, I have had several years to become used to this situation due to ill health. I miss the work place and the camaraderie of work colleagues. I always liked routine and as a morning person I never had difficulty getting up early.

I was a committed worker and treated those around me with respect and always felt I was fairly paid for the work I did. I came across folk who were expert at playing shuffle the paperwork as well as the system. There were those who spent the day on the phone and we learned without eavesdropping what empty lives they had. Some had a phobia about work and others used every excuse under the sun to take time off. There were those like myself who worked to their full potential and grew with the experience.

Most of my working years were before ‘equal pay for work of equal value’. Men were always paid more than the women and we accepted this or were told to move on as there were plenty other folk out there just waiting for our jobs.

In fact in my early days women in the Civil Service and the teaching profession had to resign when they got married. They only returned if they were widowed. There were no allowances for unmarried mothers, and no young mothers jumping the queue to grab the pick of the holidays.

You might think I sound critical or bitchy about working mothers. The reverse is the case – if they pulled their weight. I know of one individual who had the excuse of leaving her children off to school or the child minder and arrived 30 minutes after everyone else. Her first task was to charge her mobile phone on company time and electricity. Somehow she never managed to stay until official finishing time or to cover lunchtime. Magically her name was always first on the holiday list when it was produced. Women like her spoil matters for all women.

Now I like to see all workers fairly treated; the women as well as the men. This was brought home to be a short while ago while reading a post on Old Dog New Trick. Betty has some very interesting thoughts, so head on over there girls and have a read.

I am heading south for a few days so hope, pray and rattle the rosaries that ‘The Outfit’ fits my Elly.

3 thoughts on “I won’t be popular for this

  1. Thanks. I know what you mean about people who let things interfere with their work, and people who are always first in line for days off. We had several men in our office over the years who also had to be “late” so they could take the kids to school, and who had to leave early because they had to attend to something else for the kids. Ain’t equal rights grand?

  2. Right…understood. Controversial indded, I’m too chicken to get involved with that subject! But equal work deserves equal pay. There are many challenges assiociated young mothers and fathers working. There now, that was diplomatic!Good article and I understand your pointswell.

  3. I’m with you on this one too. I’m a firm believer in the fact that young children need a constant care-giver in their lives. Switching between childcare and a mother every day must be confusing for them. I know a family with two working parents, their children behave in a different way with their parents compared to others whos parents are constantly there. The respect is lost somehow. Besides, I don’t understand why a mother would work full time just so she throw her entire wage into childcare costs.. it just defeats the purpose.

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