A Letter from America

Hello from America,

Well, our television and newspapers are full of the news re the “NEW DAY DAWNING IN NORTHERN IRELAND”. That was the headline in the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning. The article continued with “The bombastic Protestant evangelist, Ian Paisley, has formed an administration with Sinn Fein deputy leader, Martin McGuiness. The article goes on:” Everyone seems to be relieved and pleased with the forming of the new government, a once -unimaginable achievement that both sides pledged would consign decades of death and destruction to history.

Their new shared agenda includes: Improved hospitals, schools, roads and other services.”

As I read the paper and followed the story I was reminded of the many times the accounts of strife in your Country have been reported to us here. We always hoped that the differences could be resolved and now it has happened. Good for all involved in the settlement process. Long may your new administration continue to strive for bigger and better things for Northern Ireland.

A few comments on the visit of Queen Elizabeth. She was a smash hit in her fabulous outfits. She drew huge friendly crowds wherever she appeared. We are all of the opinion that she enjoyed herself immensely because she always had a smile on her face even when Mickey Rooney grabbed her gloved hand and KISSED it. No one knows how she continued to smile when President Bush remarked that the last time she had visited was in 1776! At the reciprocal dinner a few nights later at the British Embassy the Queen rose to give a toast and looking directly at George W. she said” When I was last here in 1776…..” The guests roared! The Queen is leaving today and without her outfits and especially her hats to talk about, I just don’t know what our news people will have to say.

Love from America,



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  1. @DarioAnd Ian certainly hides the 81 years well.I wonder how long the smiles will last?

  2. DarioI am sure the sniping will start long before that.I still think the threat to cut off their money had a lot to do with them going back.Maybe I have lived here far too long.

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