So who was it then?

The clatter of my letterbox is a sound that always pleased me. Today was no different. Yes, the postman had come early and left an A5 sized envelope. Emails are instant but it is still nice to get some letters. The sound of them dropping onto the floor tells me I am still alive.

The lone item today was my Phone/Broadband bill. Old habits die hard and I always go through the bill with a fine tooth comb. Sometimes in the past it was a reminder that it was time to phone a particular person again. With the modern day options that have the free evening and weekend calls, the numbers in ‘free-time’ do not show up.

The bill this morning had a surprise for me. Second item on the list of calls was: 20th January at 13.46 Somalia, followed by a number.

Yes, I did say Somalia.

I don’t know anyone in Somalia. To my shame I can just about tell it is in Africa, but I am not sure whether it is north, south, east or west. Google maps here I come….

I have never phoned anyone in Somalia in my life and since I live alone who did? I know it was not Elly or my Sin-in-Law as they were at Barcamp South East that day. I know they were there because Elly was giving one of the talks.

There was only one solution for it, so I phoned BT. I followed option 1, followed by 4 and 5. I nice English speaking girl asked how she could help. I told her my trouble and she wondered if I had misdialled. I assured her that that was not the case. She was still sceptical and said she would check back over the past two bills. No sign of Somalia there she said. I knew that, so reluctantly she said she would have it deleted from the bill.

What I still want to know is who used my phone to call Somalia?

Was it you? Go on own up!

5 thoughts on “So who was it then?

  1. Just consider yourself damn lucky you got a “nice English speaking girl”!!BTW, it wasn’t me. I phone Nigeria and let them pass on the message.

  2. Good girl for going after them, there’s no way you would misdial a number by that much, so as long as you’re sure you didn’t sit on the phone then there’s no way you could have made it! Was it for long/much cost?

  3. @Grandad I know I was lucky. Bt had to close their Call Centre in India because they had so many problems.@Elly it was not a high cost item, but the principle of it got to me. Why should I pay for somebodies error in inputting the info.

  4. OK, I won’t swim the Atlantic ocean and hitchhike from Doonaha to your house anymore to make calls to Somalia. Geez! It’s so expensive to call from here!

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