Little Time Left

While reading yet another article on Global warming I am reminded:

That hundreds of millions of people in the poorest regions of the world will face water shortages, flooding, hunger and disease because of global warming over the coming century.

The report predicts that millions of people in coastal areas, especially small islands and large river deltas, could lose their homes due to flooding and an increase in sea level due to ice melting in Polar Regions and other glacial fields and more intense storms”

Some folk are rather sceptical of these reports and feel that they are put before us by Politicians with nothing better to do! We the little folk are urged to make changes, to use less water, fossil fuels, drive less while our Politicians, Captains of Industry and self appointed Celebrities have no problem leaving large carbon footprints all over the globe.

It is enough to make you doubt these reports…

But I have the proof…


4 thoughts on “Little Time Left

  1. Grannymar,A lot of folks are also wondering why we have a shortage of oil here in America. Here is my theory on why that may be:Our oil is located in Alaska, California,Coastal Louisiana Pennsylvania and Texas and nobody can check how low our supplies are because:ALL OF OUR DIPSTICKS ARE IN WASHINGTON,D.C.

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