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  1. Dear Grannymar,Thanks for telling the 2nd Chapter of the Story of John.It was very interesting.When I was a kid our neighbor had a friend who used to visit. He had a car similar to the one in your story.I think it was 1934 Packard and had ,if you can believe it, flower vases on each side. Whenever my friends and I saw that car we immediately ran into our garden and picked whatever flowers we could find and decorated the car. I often wonder what that person thought when he left his friend’s house and saw flowers on his car. Such memories your story brought back to me.John had a very interesting life and was an extremely brave man. He was the type of person you would have been happy to call son or husband or Dad .

  2. Nancy,So many young people have no idea of how life was 60 or 70 years ago. We have so many comforts and gadgets to make life easy nowadays.

  3. I cried, again.I’ve heard most of those details many times over the years, but the power of his story never fails to leave an emotional impact on me.I’m so happy that you’re retelling all these stories so that they can be passed on to future generations, keep it up!Your loving daughter,Elly

  4. Elly,Tears are healthy, memories are important I am glad you enjoyed my telling of John’s life.Life is so fast nowadays we can easily forget how simple and yet how difficult it was for past generations.

  5. I’ve listened to some parts of your readings. You’ve a very nice voice. Is John your Dad?

  6. JoD,:) 🙂 ‘Is John your Dad?’ If I had a penny for every time I was asked that question, I would be a rich woman now. ;)John was Elly’s Dad – and Elly is….?I had the honour of being married to John for 21 years. He was a very easy man to love and he had such a positive attitude to life, his bottle was always half full.No matter what dreadful thing I did he would say “Ah sure it is not as bad as a bad marriage!”

  7. Ah, very nice. Sorry, when I heard he was born in 1920 I just….oh forget it! I must find time to listen to it better.

  8. What are you sorry for?Comments like that go with the territory.We all at times judge books by their covers.

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