Warm Thoughts

The temperature has plummeted and the windows are white with sleet so I need something warm to concentrate on.

By now you all know I was heading out on a cruise of a ‘Lifetime’, or should that be for a lifetime… Of course it will have to be later in the year after ‘The Wedding’. I can’t go anywhere until I have my baby off my hands, sorry that should read, until my darling daughter is married.

Nancy is coming and my new best friend, Granny now wants to bring some friends on the cruise. Do you think she will have plenty of spending money?

Maybe if we bring Grandad he will pay all the bills. Since he is a friend of ‘The Commander in Chief -G.W.’ he must be loaded!

Now would you like to meet my travelling companions?

My friend Nancy


Getting ready for the dancing!

Granny’s friends Lulu & Maisie Tea Dancing

Grandad our Token Man

8 thoughts on “Warm Thoughts

  1. Grannymar,Yep! That’s me, all right. And my two pups, Anna Nicole and Britney. I fully expect to bring them on our “lifetime” cruise. Please don’t expect to see too much of me in the Evenings as I will be spending most of my time at the Captain’s Table, entertaining himself and his handsome crew with my beauty and witticisms.

  2. You cannot be serious! We are not not brining that shower of slappers on our cruise.That picture doesn’t look a bit like me. I have a small bum and neat legs.Anyway, I’m paying so I say who goes and who doesn’t. And who sits at the captain’s table.

  3. *Dario, it took four hours of Granny and me scrubbing him up to make him look half decent!*Now Nancy, don’t upset Granny as she has hold of the purse and wants to pay!*Granny, calm down and mind your blood pressure! Remember the cruise was my idea and we don’t want any unpleasant scenes thank you.

  4. So,Granny has hold of the purse and wants to pay……Perfect! Even though I am independently wealthy and can well afford the fare, I shall allow Granny to deal with the Purser.But I must insist on being permitted to bring my pups aboard. Granny may bring Sandy if she wishes. I think Sandy and Britney would make a fine pair!! Maybe they’ll be the ones at (or under) the Captain’s Table.

  5. I wonder if they have a pet’s corner on Board like they do at the Zoo?Now Nancy, we will have to sort things out. I don’t want to spend all my time working. My heart won’t take it, I need to keep some energy fot Toyboys!I will need help on board to organise out group.

  6. Grannymar,Well, let’s organize our group then.We will start with Grandad.We all know him to be a raconteur, Bon Vivant,Man about Town.. Now he will be TOUR DIRECTOR of Shore Excursions:While touring tribal villages along the Amazon in Brazil,he will be charged with seeing that the natives do not use poison darts on visiting ship’s passengers.He will also be delegated to safeguard the tourists and protect them from wild natives while our ship is at the pier in New York!!!

  7. Nancy,’tribal villages’ & ‘wild natives’ should be no bother to Grandad. Sure he lives half way up a mountain and he is surrounded by them everytime he wants to come down to civilization for the Irish Times!

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