My Truelove

Now you may have noticed that I have not mentioned my truelove for some time. This is because of the complications. There is another woman! Yes I am the other woman because he has a wife. Maybe that is why he won’t come down from the mountain to escort me to the Irish Blog Awards on Saturday.

Now I want let him know that I will miss him even if I have a trail of Toyboys running after me. I wonder how he will spend the evening?

I suppose he will relax with ‘Herself’ by the fire…

Or maybe do a little dancing round the room….

But since the winter is nearly over they might start planning their holiday…..

Grandad we will all miss you on Saturday.


7 thoughts on “My Truelove

  1. You’re making me feel bad now. I shall probably still be recuperating after my exertions yesterday.But I may raise a glass of the hard stuff to you at the moment you are receiving your award!!

  2. Award are you mad!I have reached as far as I’m going. There are plenty more talented folk up thereI only want to find out what they look like!

  3. If you are so desperate to know what I look like, you can always tune into the telly next week. Or do you get RTE1 up there?

  4. I have no telly!Might manage it on my computerDetails please and of course an autograph!

  5. They tell me it’s on RTE1 on Thursday at 7pm. It will probably be an embarrassment. It’s called capitalD and it’s going to be about blogging. They have filmed three of us including Red Mum.They usually stick programmes on the Internet after anyway….

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