Dublin Here I Come

I am off to Dublin in the green, in the green well it is not quite in the green “I shall wear purple with a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me. This last quotation comes from a very old poem called “Warning” by Jenny Joseph it is about growing old disgracefully. Some day I will add it to the Blog and see if you agree with the sentiments.

Most of you think I am travelling to Dublin for the Irish Blog Awards; yes I will go along as an acknowledgement of Elly’s efforts in coaching me in modern technology and as a physical show of support to all involved in organising and bringing the Awards night to fruition.

My main reason for this trip is to fulfil a long time commitment to attend a Photographic Exhibition in Baldoyle Library, Dublin 13 from Monday 5th to Tuesday 20th March 2007. I have known ‘Richard M’, the photographer; since he was born and have watched his talent grow. He reminded me the other night that his first commission was to take the photos at my wedding! I am pleased to say that he has now agreed to do the same for Elly in a few months time.

‘Richard M’ is very skilled at his craft and over the years his work has ranged from photographing children visiting Santa, Graduating students, Official Conference photographs, Weddings right through to an Irish President inside Áras an Uachtaráin.

‘Richard M’ has a great love for nature and this passion is captured through his lens. He will wait several hours while the world sleeps to capture the sun as it appears on the horizon. This exhibition is mainly ‘Seascapes’ capturing moments at different times of the day in or around the Howth Peninsula taken over the past 30 years.

The word ‘Howth’ gives me a warm glow because it brings back memories of days spent either up at the head or down round the pier. I know that through ‘Richard M’s’ lens I will see it with new eyes.

Now I must sort out my packing for this trip. Where are my clean clothes…..

2 thoughts on “Dublin Here I Come

  1. If you’re travelling Southside, bring your very best clothes. Today I arrived in Belfield clad in shoddy tracksuit bottoms and hoodie because I wanted to wear something comfortable on the bus.I have never received so many dirty looks in my life. It was spirit-crushing.Wear a Leinster jersey with the collar up. It’s the perfect disguise.

  2. Dario, ould pensioners can’t afford ‘Best Clothes’Would you have a belt that I might borrow to tie round the flour bag I was going to wear

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