On being a prisoner

I seem to be reaching the end of my sentence.

Sunday morning dawned freezing and foggy the end of the garden was hidden from view. I was feeling very hungry so decided to have breakfast before my efforts at beautification! While I eat I debated with myself whether to have a long soak in the bath or a shower. The idea of the shower won because my hair could be washed at the same time. For some reason I think that the shower is easier to clean than the bath, so that had some bearing on my decision.

I went into my bedroom to gather my bits & pieces and realised that I had not turned down my bed. Singing to myself I shook the duvet, straightened the bottom sheet, folded down the duvet to air the bed and then lifted a pillow… Yes! One down & feather pillow and I have not been the same since.

My bed is high and as I puffed up the pillow I was standing upright and not bent over. The pillows are very light and not hard to puff. Suddenly with pillow in mid air I screamed and could not move. A searing pain had gripped me across my back and around my tummy. It took me 10 minutes to get myself onto the bed and pull the covers up. I stayed there for several hours trying to find a few minutes relief from the agony.

In the early afternoon I managed to drag myself to the kitchen where I made a warm drink, some toast and took some strong painkillers that remained from when I broke my wrist. Back to bed where I stayed until the next day.

Monday was not much better. I managed to stay on my feet for a couple of hours but had to give in about lunchtime. Thankfully I had some of my home made soups and dinners in the freezer. On Tuesday I was determined not to go back to bed if possible. I wrapped a hot water bottle in a long scarf and tied it like a belt around my waist. The heat at my back certainly gave me some relief and I was able to move about slowly.

The radio has been a constant companion over these few days. I was unable to listen to comedy programmes because it hurt too much to laugh! The weather warnings for the past day or so are frightening so today I wrapped up well, struggled into the car and went down the town to stock up with food to see me through.

My pain is a little easier, I have a roof over my head, heat and plenty of food so if the snow comes as expected you might not hear from me until next June!