It must be Grandad!

Where is my spray? Oh gosh I can’t breathe! Get me my spray quick this is far too much for me!

While reading an article in the Guardian online by James Walkman, I came across a piece about Mascara for men! Yes Mascara for men is now in the shops. It’s in the men’s department. For men.

Now I can about imagine Grandad with his mouth twisted and his tongue hanging, with one eye shut as he tries to focus on the other, while at the same time trying not to poke his eye out with the wand (yes that is what you call it)! His aim being to add ‘an attractive shimmer and enhance, or create a sensuousness that will captivate and make his eyes come alive!

Life in the village will never be the same again!

Do you think he will wear it to the Irish Blog Awards?

Thank goodness I won’t be there!


1 thought on “It must be Grandad!

  1. I don’t wear mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, perfume, aftershave [as I have a beard] or soap. That’s all for women [except the aftershave maybe?]. I’m beautiful enough as I am. My eyes are shimmering pools of red veins after a life of enjoyment and debauchery.If I saw a bloke wearing mascara, I’d run a mile.And I doubt I’ll be at the Awards, as they don’t have a category for geriatrics. But thanks for thinking of me.P.S. Why do women ALWAYS hang their mouths open when putting on mascara?

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