Nick Clarke RIP

Yesterday on BBC Radio 4 we heard of the death of Nick Clarke, presenter of the World at One, the lunchtime news programme. Nick was diagnosed with cancer just a year ago. The programme was extended from the usual 30 minutes to a full hour. It consisted of a summary of Nick’s life in journalism, clips from various programmes that he was associated with over the years, and a deluge of colleagues, politicians and other public figures all telling us what a wonderful person he was.

It is good to hear how well liked and professional they considered him. But it also made me wonder – How many of those who were so moved to have their voice heard yesterday, ever actually told Nick of how they admired his qualities and skill, when he was still alive? The words may bring comfort to the family left behind, but would have been better said to Nick when he was alive.

I like to say ‘thank you’ when a gentleman holds a door open for me, the service is good in a shop or restaurant or when someone does something helpful for me. The ‘Thank You’ like a smile costs nothing and does no good when kept to oneself. It might be the first kind thing that has happened for that person all week.

Once, I was asked why I smile when I walk down the street. Well sometimes when people see you smile they think you know them and smile back. If they do know me I look like I recognise them. And if I don’t know them they might wonder what I was up to that made me smile! 😀

No, there is no way I am telling you what I get up to!