20 Blessings that I am thankful for.

It is a dark, dreary and wet November day. I so want to curl up in bed and close out the world. Instead I have decided to count my blessings – just 20 things off the top of my head that make life and living worthwhile. So here goes:

1. Elly, who made me a mother and gives me love as well as lectures.
2. Jack my late ‘Soul-Mate’, who taught me how to love.
3. My own front door, that I can open to welcome friends or close and keep out the cold, windy and damp weather.
4. Cooking whatever and whenever I feel like eating.
5. A good warm real fire. It adds life to my home and warms my toes like nothing else.
6. Laughing and the Grandmother who taught me to find laughter in everything we did.
7. Helen, a friend who is like a tonic and makes me glad to be alive.
8. Good Coffee.
9. Sharing a nice bottle of wine with friends.
10. MSN Messenger for keeping in contact with family and friends around the globe.
11. A walk in the woods or by the sea.
12. BBC World Service for the hours when I can’t sleep.
13.Needlework of the creative type rather than repairs.
14. Having a good head of hair, even if the auburn is losing the battle with the grey.
15. That I can eat what I like without wearing it on my hips.
16. Being a size 10/12.
17. Birdsong especially in the morning.
18. Listening to music.
19. Reading, even if I am slow.
20. The person who invented Tissues.

Now I am sure you can do better than this. Go on give it a try!