The favour…

This post was originally a short free online Podcast giving the story of how and why I began blogging and Podcasting:

Here in text form is the story as I remember it:

I started blogging in 2006. It was a favour to my daughter Elly.

BarCamp came to Ireland & Cork that September and Elly needed a case study for her talk, so who better for a guinea pig than ‘mammy’. I was given three weeks to set up and learn to blog and also Podcast. All this was done at a distance since Elly lived 125 miles away from me.

I didn’t go to Cork but my blog, my face and my voice did.

I sat at home and followed live blogging of the event – another ‘newbie’ for me.

I am still learning in January 2012!

8 thoughts on “The favour…

  1. Mum, thanks so much for all your help towards my talk at BarCamp. I love your podcasts and blog posts, and I hope that there will be many more of them.

  2. Thank You jettloe, Knowing that there are real people out there listening and reading makes all the difference

  3. Your blog and pods have found a new fan in the “Panhandle” of Idaho, where the winters are long and the surfin’ is easy. What I’ve read and listened to so far is simply charming and most pleasant. Nice job!

  4. angharod,Thank nyou, at this stage my head is swelling with all the praise,My holiday continues in Dublin so it may be the weekend before I reach home and get back to podcasting

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